Tuesday, May 29, 2007

XWiki buglist

1. View profile.
Clicking on my profile link
Error: "You are not allowed to view this document or perform this action."

2. Inserting code.
If the second field "Content" leave empty inserting of macros will be incorrect:

"{code:type=code} " instead of "{code:type=code} {code} ".

3. Inserting image by wysiwyg from the web.

I think it's hack to upload image from the web by that wysiwyg inserting image panel.
There are no tools for do it. I follow step by step but happens nothing :( Nothing at all!

4. How can I type char "\"?

"\" is "" - unmark XWiki's system symbol
"\\" is "" - new line
"/\" is "/"
"\/" is "/"
"/" is "/"
"//" is "//"

Just for information. Will make it useful.

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