Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tomcat for Eclipse

Tomcat launcher Eclipse plugin for debud
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Download page
Direct download (ver. 3.2.1) !
Comments for tomcat plugin
Tomcat Tutorial: HelloWorld for Complete Fools
Documentation (translated with google)

Read before, note: replace my tomcat home "/home/alexey/java/exo-working/exo-tomcat" with your's.

1. Install
Unpack it to eclipse/plugins dir.
Start or restart Eclipse.
Be sure that you see the new tomcat panel.

2. Configure
Configure plugin under eclipse
Window -> Preferences... -> Tomcat:
Set version of your tomcat (e.g.: 5.x)
Set tomcat home (e.g.: /home/alexey/java/exo-working/exo-tomcat)
Context declaration mode: Server.xml

2.2 Advanced
Set tomcat base (e.g.: /home/alexey/java/exo-working/exo-tomcat)
Check projects for "Add java projects to tomcat classspath" (e.g.: Select All)
2.3 JVMSettings
In section "Append to JVM Parameters" add both:

2.4 Source Path
Manually select or check "Automatically compute source path"
Click "Apply" and "OK".

3. Use
Set launch configuration.
"Run" -> "Open Debug Dialog..." -> Double click on "Java Application" for creating new configuration.
3.1 Main
Type in the field "Name" launch configuration name (e.g.: Tomcat5).
Choose "Project" (e.g. Portal)
Set in the "Main class" value "org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap"
3.2 Arguments
Program arguments:
-config "/home/alexey/java/exo-working/exo-tomcat/conf/server.xml" start
VM arguments:

3.3 JRE
3.4 Classpath
Remove user entries projects jars to avoid some strange exceptions while the tomcat is starting.
Add two jars to the "User Entries"
"tools.jar" from JAVA_HOME/lib
"bootstrap.jar" from TOMCAT_HOME/bin

3.5 Source

Click "Apply" and "Debug"

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amelentyev said...

Another way to debug webapp is run maven with jetty-maven plugin in debug mode. Like in xwiki
You even don't need jetty for it. :)