Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Merge of eXo Portal and Jboss Portal.


About the eXo / JBoss Partnership

The goal of the new project, is to forge a strong portal solution by bringing together the technical strengths of the two projects through the open source community. To further bolster this new effort, eXo Platform has contributed a new project to the JBoss Community, eXo JCR, which is a robust, cluster-ready Java Content Repository that is standards based and a key component for the project.

eXo Portal is the foundational technology for all of eXo’s products. In development for over six years, eXo Portal is known for its intuitive administrative capabilities, advanced user interface features, and a robust community presence. The JBoss Community Portal project will be the overall portal engine for the new project and is a standards-based portal framework known for its lightweight installation, robust performance, security, and scalability. It has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users over the last four years, and leverages JBoss Community technologies such as JBoss Application Server and Hibernate.

Under the terms of the partnership, eXo Platform will migrate the code base for its portal project to, where it will be integrated with the JBoss Portal code base. The new JBoss eXo Portal project will be licensed under the Gnu Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


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