Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ubuntu for developers

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Install JDK

howto jdk on ubuntu wiki
sudo aptitude install sun-java5-jdk
update-alternatives --config java

In your home directory within .profile file add lines with changes according your path:
export JAVA_HOME=/home/alexey/java/jdk1.5
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

Download page
Direct link 3.0.4 !
License for 1 month

Picture1: info
Picture2: working
Picture3: add ignore
(Project -> Settings ...)
Note: window resizing on compiz bug

Web Tools Platform All-In-One Package:
Download page(ver. R-2.0-200706260303)
Download direct link(ver. R-2.0-200706260303) !

Picture1: starting
Picture2: info
Picture3: working

Configure Eclipse it at "Window" -> "Preferences..."

Setting formatter:
Java -> Code Style -> Formatter
Choose: "Edit..." or "Import..." or "Export..."
Example: "Import..." this file

Setting templates:
Java -> Editor -> Templates
Choose: "New..." or "Import..." or "Export..."
e.g.0: "Import..." this file
e.g.1: "Edit..." for sysout: "System.out.println(">>> ${user}: ${enclosing_type}.${enclosing_method} ${word_selection} = " + ${word_selection});${cursor}"
e.g.2: "Edit..." for systrace: System.out.println(">>> ${user}: ${enclosing_type}.${enclosing_method}()");

If Content assist doesnt work by "Ctrl"+"Space", so some application intercepts it. Check for in in SCIM. Right button on and choose "SCIM setup". Edit there hotkeys or keyboard for remove necessary for eclipse hotkeys.

Mark occurrences:
Java -> Editor ->
Mark Occurrences
Check the "
Mark occurrences of the selected element in the current file".

P.S.: If you are developer of eXo Platform then look at screenshot of my working directory (java dir within home on ubuntu)

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